This is the first exhibition which attempts to interpret Domenikos Theotokopoulos in terms of the social and cultural environment which impacted on his artistic choices.
The exhibition is in three parts. 
The first part focuses on Crete’s importance to Venice in the 16th century and maps the island’s social, ideological and economic structure in terms of the relationship between its urban and rural contexts.
The second part examines the arts within 
the island’s cosmopolitan urban environment, stressing the ways in which Cretan artists strove to combine the Byzantine and Western traditions.
The final section constructs an interpretation of Theotokopoulos’ Crete through a stylistic examination of his work and its comparison with the oeuvres of other Cretan painters. What was it that convinced Theotokopoulos to leave Crete for Venice in the autumn of 1567 or the spring of 1568?